Flying High II - Addition

Flying High II - Addition Math Game

Content Skill: Addition  
Common Core State Standards: CCSS.Math.Content.2.OA.B.2 - Fluently add within 20 using mental strategies. By end of Grade 2, know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers.


Flying High II is a fun single player addition airplane game! In this version, you can choose three different levels of difficulty. Fly your customized airplane through the clouds to answer addition problems and land safely at the end. This game has fun music, exciting scenery, and a cool plane! You're sure to create an awesome airplane and get a very good understanding of the addition facts! We hope you enjoy Flying High II!


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Step 1
When the game finishes loading, click the "Start" button to get started. Notice there's a button at the top left where you can mute the sound if you need to. 
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Step 2
On this screen, you can choose as many fact families as you'd like to practice in this game. For every fact family you choose, you'll be presented with a question in the game representing that fact family.
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Step 3
In Flying High II, you can choose from three levels of difficulty. The harder the level, the harder the addition facts you will be faced with.
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Step 4
Now comes the really cool part! The game allows you to customize your airplane in two different ways. This screen helps you customize the body of your plane. Click the "COLORS" button to change the color of your plane. Click the "DESIGNS" button to change the design of your airplane. When you're done with this step, click the "FINISHED CUSTOMIZING" button.
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Step 5
In this screen, you get to customize the wings on your airplane.  Click the "COLORS" button to change the colors of your wings. Click the "DESIGNS" button to change the design on your wings. After you're done with this customization step, click the "FINISHED CUSTOMIZING" button.
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Step 6
Now we're off and flying! You'll see there's an addition problem in the top right. Use your mouse to fly the airplane up and down to match the clouds that have the correct answer to the questions.
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Step 7
Be careful not to run into the wrong clouds or you'll get zapped by lightning!
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Step 8
If you get zapped by lightning too many times, the game will be over. If this happens, click the "Play Again" button to try again.
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Step 9
After you answer enough questions correctly, you get to land your plane safely! If you'd like to play again, click the "Play Again" button.