Pixie Catcher - Subtraction

Pixie Catcher - Subtraction Math Game

Content Skill: Subtraction        
Common Core State Standards: CCSS.Math.Content.2.OA.B.2 - Fluently subtract within 20 using mental strategies.  By end of Grade 2, know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers.


Head over to the enchanted forest and catch pixies while practicing the subtraction facts.  You will need to be quick to get a pixie.


The pixies are hiding in the enchanted forest.  When the game starts, click on a pixie and drop it in the jar.  Approach the pixies carefully or they will fly away.  Catch as many as you can before dawn breaks.

To begin, click on "CLICK TO PLAY."

Pixie Catcher StartWelcome to the enchanted forest.  Look carefully for the pixies to appear.  To toggle the sound on and off, click on the musical note in the top left side of the screen.  The "Q" in the upper left corner allows you to reduce the quality of the animation so it works better on older computers.  At the bottom of the screen is the pixie jar.
Pixie Catcher CatchSoon, pixies will start appearing.  Use the mouse to guide your hands to a pixie.  When you are near it, click the mouse to capture it.  The glowing pixies are worth bonus points.
Grand Prix Pro Game ChoiceWhen you catch a pixie, it will glow in your hands.  Use the mouse to bring it down to the jar.  The lid will open quickly and allow you to contain it.
Pixie Catcher 8Earn bonus points by catching pixies that reveal a hidden subtraction problem.  You can earn up to 4 bonus pixies by answering the problem quickly.  The longer it takes to answer the problem, the less bonus points you earn.
Pixie Catcher Ending ScreenAt dawn, the pixies will hide and you will see how many pixies you were able to catch.

Click on "CLICK TO PLAY AGAIN" to release the pixies and start a new game.