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Retro Macaroni Necklaces

 on August 29, 2013

I am on a mission to reinvent the retro macaroni necklace.  

Who's with me?  Seriously guys-- With macaroni choices like these, who wouldn’t want to accessorize?  I took a visit to the bulk section at Winco, a grocery store in our area, and I was so happy to find such a variety. 

My little gal, Georgia Reese, wanted to make these necklaces as an activity at her fourth birthday party.  She was thrilled to see the different colors and shapes.  

So did her sister!

Madeline Hunter Lesson Planning for Parents

 on August 29, 2013

One of the neat things about homeschooling is the constant learning and juggling that goes on.  School never seems to have a beginning or an end.  It just always is.  I have heard the term “homeschool life” used synonymously with “The seamless life”, and I would have to agree.   

Music and Math

 on August 24, 2013

Music is such a great way to teach math. Most kids LOVE music and it is a great way to make teaching math fun!

Composer, guitar teacher and former homeschooling dad Christopher Schlegel used music to teach many math concepts. 

At Home Science Exeriments: Part 1 Refraction

 on August 20, 2013

Quick, fun science experiments at home and there is little clean up!
Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

With summer winding down it's time to start thinking about back to school and getting those little brains ready to start thinking again. 

My three lovelies and I decided to take a whack at doing some science experiments. We searched the internet,( ok pinterest)! And found a few really great ideas.  I let my kids choose our project based on time and materials we had.

For our first experiment they choose a glass of water and the changing arrow.

Meaningful Monday: The 1-Drawer Challenge

 on August 18, 2013

Have a time and place for everything, and do everything in its time and place, and you will not only accomplish more, but have far more leisure than those who are always hurrying.--Tryon Edwards

Wow.  This quote, spoken by Tryon Edwards, an American theologian (1809-1894), gives me a fresh breath of air. 

Back-to-School Granola Recipe

 on August 18, 2013
Make sure your kids get a healthy back-to-school start with this easy and nutritious granola recipe!

We are approaching the first day of school.  Chhhh.  I repeat.  We are approaching the first day of school.

Creating a Cereal Abacus

 on August 17, 2013
A fun and yummy way to practice colors and counting!

My older sister (yes, it was important that I mentioned that) is a kindergarten teacher and she is always doing fun little things with her two youngest daughters to foster academic growth and creativity. Since my youngest daughter is also in their age group, we get to benefit from these activities, too! "Yeah" for siblings who share their talents! 

Cards, Chips, and Math Fun

 on August 17, 2013

My kids have always loved to play with poker chips. Using them to build, make patterns, build towers to knock them down......they can find lots of fun things to do! 

Poker chips are also a great tool to use for practicing math. There are lots of ways to use them depending on the math skills your child is practicing.

Addition Go Fish

 on August 16, 2013

Common Core Math New iPad Game

 on August 9, 2013

Are you familiar, yet, with the Common Core Standards which are taking precedence over the existing required educational standards? 

Don't worry.  It's new to us all.  And whether or not you agree with them or not, it is best to be prepared for the changes it will bring.


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