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Flower Measurement Activity and Worksheet

 on April 22, 2014

Measuring activities can be SO much fun! 

I recently visited a classroom that was working on a measuring activity that was SO creative! Art and Math, together?!?!?! Now that is making math fun!

Touch Math

 on April 22, 2014

Touch Math!

Touch Math is an amazing math program for kids who are struggling to learn any type of math! 

LadyBug Counters

 on April 14, 2014

Teacher's never cease to amaze me! There is no limit to how hard a teacher will work to make learning fun!

I recently visited a classroom where the students were working on composing and decomposing numbers from 1 to 10.

This happens in kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms all over the country, right? No big deal.

But these kids weren't just counting with boring old counters on boring white ten frames!

Critical Thinking Learning for Preschoolers

 on April 1, 2014

If you read my blog about number sense, you know how easy and simple these games are.  You can play them anywhere, and the gains your child will make in their brain development is priceless. 

Simple Number Sense Activity

 on April 1, 2014

The last time I found myself standing next to a preschool-aged child, I reached my hand deep into my pocket, and grabbed several pennies. 

I showed Connor the pennies and asked him to count them.  He got to touch them and even pick them up.  I then asked him, again, how many pennies he saw in my palm.

He told me:  7 pennies

It was then that I asked him to close his eyes while I secretly removed a penny.

Easter Egg Multiplication

 on March 25, 2014

Easter Egg Multiplication is a fun and low prep way to have your students practice their multiplication facts.

All you will need is a 10-12 plastic Easter eggs, an egg tray, printed out numbers and a pencil and paper.

You can find plastic deviled egg trays at the dollar store or Walmart every spring. They are great for math centers all throughout the year!

Egg Carton Word Problems

 on March 25, 2014

To give my daughters a different look at Math,  I am including more analytical questions, and problems that require multiple steps. These photos should give them a good start.  Here is a free PDF which includes the photos shown below for use in your classroom!  You may print off, use, and share as you like. 

Garden Patch Fractions

 on March 13, 2014

March winds blow, reminding us it's Spring.  Are your children gazing longingly out the window, dreaming of warm weather?  It's time to think about tilling soil, planting seeds, and preparing for a full harvest, but there is also much to learn before summer break.  Why don't you go ahead and bring the spring weather indoors and make it a part of your math practice with this FREE PDF

Fun Math Lesson: Can Your Shoe Size Tell Your Age?

 on March 4, 2014

I was searching for fun math tricks to show students and came across lots of fun ideas. I was a pinning mad women!

All of our math tricks can be found on our Multiplication.com Pinterest board called, Math Tips, Tricks and Fun.

I thought this particular trick would be fun to do with a class. I found it here.

This activity combines multiplication, addition and subtraction.

And I am pretty sure your students will be "wow'd" by their answer!

St. Patrick's Day: Multi-Step Word Problems

 on February 23, 2014

It's valuable to hand a student a pencil every now and again, and invite him to be teacher for the moment. When a child is forced to think outside the perimeter of the listening chair and is invited to create, learning is achieved at a higher level.  That is what you will do when you engage students in this fun activity creating multi-step word problems for St. Patrick's Day!

FOR YOU:  A Free St. Patrick's Day PDF Word Problem Lesson Plan.


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