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How To Fall in Love With Math

 on January 9, 2014

Preschoolers love math.  Kindergartners love math.  First Graders Love Math.  Dare I say, even 2nd and 3rd Graders love math.

Math Monsters

 on January 8, 2014

There are good math ideas for the classroom and then there are GENIUS math ideas for the classroom!

Maisyflops and Olliepops Blogger Jamie used popsicle sticks, paint and google eyes to create Math Monsters!

They are fun, creative, functional and you can check them out on her blog here

Hate Math But Love Video Games?

 on January 7, 2014

Have you heard your child or student complain about math class as they are running to their game console to pick up where they left off the last time they had a chance to play?  Or has your child ever shared with you their desire to play games for a living someday, but is a very reluctant math student?

Learning Multiplication Basics Video

 on January 7, 2014

I have a friend who was blessed  to take her family of 5 to Europe this fall. They stayed for two months traveling from town to town.  Her family accompanied her husband who is making a documentary. Twist their arms, they must go dive into the culture and provide moral support. Her 3 beautiful children had the time of their lives and made unforgettable memories.

But while they were away, life here went on and so did math class... 

She came straight to the source, Multiplication.com and we provided her with books and online games to catch up her sweet and ever so smart boy.

Goal Setting 101

 on January 6, 2014

Goal Setting.  I get it...you may be tired of hearing about goal setting as we are already in our second week of January!  But, I have been thinking about goals and how we, as a whole, just expect kids to know how to make goals and so we say something like this:

It's the New Year: Journaling

 on December 29, 2013

One of my most treasured possessions--my kid's journals from elementary school.

My oldest daughter and son both had the same 2nd and 3rd grade teachers. Both of those lovely ladies had a daily journal entry assignment. And I am so thankful they did.

At the end of the year they get to bring home their journals, each day was complete with a picture and an entry!  Can you say precious!?

The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare

 on December 27, 2013

A  historical fiction classic from 1983.

Remember reading this book in third grade? I do.

The author got the idea for this book after hearing a story of a young boy who was left in the Maine wilderness for the summer and was befriended by Indians.

I recently sat down and read this with my first-grader. Wanting to be just like her big brother, she asked to read a "good book, that isn't girly."

Have You Filled A Bucket Today?

 on December 17, 2013

Have You Filled A Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud and David Messing is a great little story to use in your classroom when teaching kindness.

This book does an excellent job of using metaphors to explain how important it is to love and encourage others. 

Treasure Map Fun

 on December 13, 2013

My girls love to make up new games to play together and, one afternoon, when I settled down to work a couple of hours in the dining room, I was pleasantly interrupted by their play.  Two girls were hiding in the other room while the third was busy hiding their afternoon snack, and creating a treasure map to lead her sisters to the delicious end.


Snowflake Lessons

 on December 13, 2013

Especially in December, I think it's important to give schoolwork a bit of variation....if nothing more than to grab the waning attention of the students!

I was making snowflakes using coffee filters with my daughter.  She cut out all the sides and it was breathtaking when she opened up the snowflake.  I wanted her to show me exactly how she did it!  So, she obliged and this is what her coffee filter looked like before she opened it up. 


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