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Math Scavenger Hunt - Free Printable Worksheet

 on June 26, 2014

What is more fun than a Scavenger Hunt?

Running around with your siblings or friends trying to complete your list before another group completes theirs? Fun, Fun,  and more Fun!

At Multiplication.com, we are always looking for ways to help kids include math into their daily lives, while still having fun!

So, here is a great idea for you and your kids! A Math Scavenger Hunt!

Rock-N-Roll Outdoor Math Game

 on June 25, 2014

We played this fun math game outside today.  All you need is a piece of chalk and two little stones.  Create a tic-tac-toe board and fill it in with numbers. 

Cyberchase Playspace

 on June 24, 2014

Combine Math and Literacy with this cool website brought to you by PBS!  Cyberchase Playspace walks students through the steps needed to type a one-of-a-kind math story, complete with options to customize with the use of images, drawings, and even stickers! 

How to Foster a Love for Learning (For Parents)

 on June 23, 2014

There is a question that looms large about education:  How do I teach my children to be life-long learners?  How do I teach them to be motivated?  How do I teach them to not separate their schooling with their everyday life, and to instead see it as a seamless proposition? 

While there are no overnight solutions or quick fixes, what if you started with this: 

DIY Home Decorating Measurement Project

 on June 22, 2014

As Earl Santee said, "It's all about the details."  No matter that he was most likely referring to the architectural structure of a ball park.  I'm using his quote today to talk about the need for a audio speaker to add more to a home space than just...."Sony Black"  I plan to teach my math student how to accurately measure and cover three sides of this speaker with some vintage 1960's wallpaper samples I bought on eBay a few years back.

Sum of 10 Pyramid Solitaire Card Game

 on June 19, 2014

My daughter is obsessed with the card game solitaire, and so I was really excited to teach her how to play Pyramid Solitaire, centered around finding the sum of 10. 

She LOVED it.  In fact, I had to pull her away to eat her lunch and this kid loves her lunch. 

Are you game? 

First off, grab a deck of playing cards, removing the Jokers, Kings, Queens and Jacks. 

Summer Math: Using Homemade Ice Cream 3-Ways

 on June 10, 2014

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day July 20th.  Beat the summer heat with these fun and delicious ice cream recipes. 

Often in summer, kids tend to lose some of what they learned throughout the school year. You can avoid that by practicing with practical and fun ideas at home! Measure ingredients and double the recipes to get in some extra work with fractions and multiplication over the summer.

Make our astronaut, sorbet or ice cream in a bag. Perfect for your future astronaut or summer camp trip.

Ice Cream in a Bag

Cookie Mining Economics Lesson

 on May 31, 2014

This is an incredible lesson with a Free PDF that will give students an education in mining economics! 

My kids went on an interesting mining excursion field trip put on by our city.  They learned about local rock formations, mining for gold, and the history of mining in our state, among other things. 

The Lemonade War

 on May 29, 2014

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies is the 1st chapter book in The Lemonade War series for students grades 4th-7th.

Evan is a 4th grader in his last week of summer. Evan is mortified when he finds out his extremely intelligent younger sister Jessie is being moved up to 4th grade and will be in the same class! 

Normally Evan and Jessie have a great relationship, but this new piece of information has Evan angrier than ever at his kid sister. 

Symmetry: Scavenger Hunt and Art Project

 on May 26, 2014

One of the best ways for kids to learn is through exploration. And a Math Scavenger Hunt is a very fun, easy activity to pull-off!  I found that it was the perfect activity to introduce my kids to the terms: symmetry and assymetry.

First of all, I explained the definitions of symmetry:

and asymmetry:


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