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5 Amazing Recipes to Try This Spring

 on March 12, 2015

I love cooking.  It's my way of loving my family and friends. 

In the winter, cooking seems less complicated with shorter days, comfort foods, and less running around with extracurricular activities.

Now that spring is here, it inspires me to eat healthier, I realize I have an extra winter layer that I swore wouldn't be there this year!

If your looking for a few new recipes to add to your spring menu try these delicious favorites!

6 Dr.Seuss Math Activities

 on February 26, 2015

Dr. Seuss week starts March 2nd.

Like most kids, mine love this time of year, there is no one quite like Dr.Seuss.

His literature is silly, yet inspiring; full of imagination and wonder. His books are quotable and his perspective admirable.

6 of the BEST Valentines Recipes (With a Surprise Math Twist!)

 on February 5, 2015

It's  just around the corner.... February 14 heart

Which means that most of us are thoughtfully gathering sweet, heart-shaped treats for our beloved children... er, I mean our significant other, of course. 

Periodic Table of Elements Class Project with FREE printable

 on January 29, 2015

Looking for a creative way to teach and display the  Periodic Table of Elements?

Well, look no further!

I saw this beautiful hallway of knowledge the other day, so colorfully displayed at my son's school.

So, of course I had to snap a few pics and share this adorable idea.

New Year's Goals Printable

 on December 29, 2014


Writing out New Year's goals are  a great way to have children review their accomplishments from the previous year and set goals for the upcoming year. 

Have your children complete one each year and then compile them in a special book.  It is a great way to save memories!  

Here is your free New Year's Eve PDF.

Egg Carton Christmas Basket Ornament

 on November 30, 2014

I'm one of those moms who hoards egg cartons for....well, just in case.  You know...the case that doesn't happen very often.  So, that is why, this Christmas, I was outright determined to create a fun ornament using egg cartons.  (And maybe the other reason I decided to make egg carton ornaments is so that my husband wouldn't ask me anymore if I just like to look at our egg carton stock pile.)

Topology Mathematical Tree Ornament

 on November 30, 2014

Want to tie in some Mathematics with your DIY Christmas decorations?  These are so fun, so simple, and quite honestly, so addicting to create.  Give your students or children a stack of 5" X 5" pieces of paper, and have them cut to their heart's content.  Try to find either foil origami paper, velvet sheets of scrapbook paper, or even construction paper to make these fun and educational ornaments.


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