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It's the New Year: Journaling

 on December 29, 2013

One of my most treasured possessions--my kid's journals from elementary school.

My oldest daughter and son both had the same 2nd and 3rd grade teachers. Both of those lovely ladies had a daily journal entry assignment. And I am so thankful they did.

At the end of the year they get to bring home their journals, each day was complete with a picture and an entry!  Can you say precious!?

20 Questions

 on December 27, 2013

Are you looking for a fun game to play with your middle schoolers during break that will keep them practicing their math skills?

Check out this fun printable game of 20 Questions from DigitalLessons.com.

You can download the 20 Questions and answer sheet here.

Some of the questions are math related, and some of them are more like riddles.

Gingerbread Man: Escape Prevention Measures

 on December 27, 2013

I recently visited a Kindergarten classroom where the children were working on creating books called Gingerbread Man: Escape Prevention Measures.

It was so cute and the kids were having so much fun!!!!!!!!!

It is a book about how to keep a Gingerbread Man from escaping after he gets out of the oven by eating him up, bit by bit!

Adorable Felt Ornaments

 on December 27, 2013

I love doing crafts with my kids over Christmas break. 

We do most of our crafting up at my parent's cabin, mostly because we are secluded and my teenage kid's can't get out of hanging out with me. :P

I found these really cute felt ornaments at Cutesy Crafts. You can always find fun, easy crafts to make on this site.

The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare

 on December 27, 2013

A  historical fiction classic from 1983.

Remember reading this book in third grade? I do.

The author got the idea for this book after hearing a story of a young boy who was left in the Maine wilderness for the summer and was befriended by Indians.

I recently sat down and read this with my first-grader. Wanting to be just like her big brother, she asked to read a "good book, that isn't girly."

How Many Gifts: Multiplication Riddle

 on December 21, 2013

My oldest daughter came home from school and asked us this question.

In the song 12 days of Christmas, how many gifts would you receive?

Most of us are familiar with the words to the 12 Days of Christmas. In fact we can probably sing all the way to the 5th day of Christmas, no problem!

Holiday Drawing Lessons

 on December 21, 2013

The school books have officially been put away for a couple of weeks, but that doesn't mean that learning stops around here.  Except that, thanks to Art Projects for Kids, we can disguise the learning by incorporating cute penguins and fun tear-art.  I love to shift gears during Summer and Winter break by giving the girls more time to draw and create.

Grab some pencils, drawing paper, scissors, glue and a stack of colorful papers and your kids will have whatever they need to complete any of the following:

Triangle Elves: Shape and Symmetry Project

 on December 21, 2013

These little elves are so stinkin' cute! Good job Mrs. Quick!

This project is designed to be fun and even a little silly.  Students put their artistic personalities to work as you teach them about symmetry, triangles and individuality.

Homemade Silly Putty

 on December 21, 2013

A child favorite around the world--Silly Putty.

I don't think there is a Continent you can go to where kids don't go nuts for the squishy, gooey, blob. It makes children happy with its farting noises and gelatinous mass.

 Adults even have an infatuation with the stuff. 

We took a field trip to our local Discovery Center this week with a 4th and 5th-grade class. 

Freaky Friday- The Christmas Lists

 on December 18, 2013

Each Christmas, we travel to my parent's cabin in the mountains and spend the week being surrounded by family, a warm fire, and three feet of snow.  

It is my favorite week of the whole year!


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