Meaningful Monday

A New Year: Is Failure Success?

 on December 28, 2014

Are you afraid of making mistakes?  I think we all are at some point in time.  My biggest challenge right now with my second daughter is trying to convince her to try her best in spite of her fear. She freezes.  She balks.  She laments.  And then it usually ends with her sitting at the table with her chin forlornly in her hand while her sisters go to play.  Her forehead continues to crease.  Reason doesn't change her mind.

Meaningful Monday: December

 on December 3, 2013

Dimmest and Brightest Month Am I

Dimmest and brightest month am I;

    My short days end, my lengthening days


What matters more or less sun in the sky,

    When all is sun within?

Meaningful Monday: What Sir Nicholas Winton Taught Us About Being Thankful

 on November 24, 2013

It's November, and our Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner, so naturally everyone's thankful.  It's a lot of fun, and such good practice to say aloud what we are thankful for.  I've been seeing "thankful posts" on Facebook; all around us there are lots of cute little turkeys whose feathers shout out thankfulness. 

I'm a person who likes reminders, so I like to read and hear what people are thankful for.  It helps me shift my perspective.

Meaningful Monday: One Object, Many Purposes

 on November 10, 2013

My husband loves to stir up some sawdust in the garage now and again, and though my nose has never taken a liking to dust, you won't find me complaining.  Well, except maybe when I have to go scrape off the ice on my car windshield certain days in the Winter, but I am not naive enough to think I have the raw end of the deal.  He blesses our home with his amazing woodworking abilities.  In order to save on time, money, and resources, he will often upcycle.  What is upcycling, you ask?

Meaningful Monday: November

 on November 4, 2013

Ah, November.  Sometimes someone else just says it best:

Sugata Mitra: Unlocking Potential

 on November 3, 2013

I'm a sap for feel-good stories.  The "underdog coming up from behind" type of stories. 

But this story is one for the books.  It's not just a feel-good, underdog story.  It's a story that is true and one that is changing lives as sure as we are breathing right now.

It's a story about unlocking potential in impoverished schools and communities. And it could even change the way you are teaching right now.

Meaningful Monday: October

 on October 27, 2013

I think it's interesting, how as humans, we have this need to make each day different than the one before and behind it. 

For example:  Monday definitely is the day with the worst rap.  You could also call it "The Day no one Likes".

Wednesday is a relief! 

And Friday....well, you know.  Thank GOODNESS!


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