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Multiplication Story Mobile and Class Activity: 4 X 7 = 28

 on May 1, 2015 uses silly stories to help students remember their times tables.  One way to help students remember these silly stories is to have them use prompts.  This story mobile is the perfect way to remember that 4 (DOOR) X 7 (SURFIN') = 28 (DENTY PLATE).

Bird's Nest Ten Frames and Robin's Eggs Counters

 on April 27, 2015

A math class full of fun manipulatives and hands-on activities is a wonderful way to help young students to learn to love math.

At, we are always looking for ways to get kids to enjoy math and we think these Robin's Egg Counters and Bird's Nest Ten Frames will do the trick!

To create these adorable robin's eggs, you simply spray paint a bag of dried beans blue and allow them to dry. You will want to let the beans dry over night. To keep the "eggs" paint from chipping, once the paint is dry you can spray with a glaze and allow to dry.

365 Penguins and a Fraction Activity

 on April 24, 2015

365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental is a fun book for grades 1-4, and full of all sorts of math! 

On New Year's Day, a penguin arrives mysteriously in the mail on the doorstep of a family's home.  The first day, the family enjoys the little penguin but soon, problems begin to mount as one more penguin is delivered each day for the rest of the year.

How Do You Count a Dozen Ducklings by In Seon Chae

 on April 23, 2015

How Do You Count a Dozen Ducklings by In Seon Chae is an adorable book to introduce students to multiplication and skip counting!

Momma Duck has 12 little ducklings and throughout the day, she has a lot of counting to do to keep up with her little ducks! Momma Duck tries to minimize her counting by grouping her little ducks.

Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein by Don Brown

 on April 17, 2015

Odd Boy Out by Don Brown is a fantastic look at the young life of Albert Einstein. Perfect for grades 3-5, this book is a wonderful depiction of Albert Einstein's sometimes difficult childhood. 

Class Activity 2x4=8

 on April 13, 2015

Our method uses imaginative, sometimes goofy, pictures and stories to help a student remember the answers to the multiplication facts.

Each Multiplication Equation has a story and pictures to help your students memorize their times tables. 

Here is the story and picture to memorize for 2x4=8. 

A Class Activity For Teaching 4x6

 on March 17, 2015

Teaching the multiplication facts with our pictures and story association is so much fun.  

For the fact 4 (floor) x 6 (chicks) try this activity.

For this activity you will need:

-Candy or a fun treat. Using Peeps to represent 6 (chicks) is always fun!

- A mix of markers, crayons and colored pencils. 

- White paper or small paper bags, enough for each student.

Flower Fact Families

 on March 12, 2015

A fact family is the relationship between 3 numbers that can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. 

For example: take the three numbers

3, 4, 12


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