4 of Our Favorite New Year's Recipes

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Can you believe that we are about to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015?! 

This year has sped by at lightning speed!   Looking back, I can't believe how much my family  squeezed into 365 days.  2014 was a busy year, but it was filled with lots of wonderful memories and unforgettable milestones.  

One of our favorite memories of 2014 was enjoying a little time in the kitchen cooking our favorite meals and laughing together;  trying to figure out how to make homemade pasta, not burn  veggies in the wok, or what to do when your 20-week-old puppy tears open the new bag of flour. 

Some meals tasted better than others, but we always have fun.  And cooking is a great way to use math skills practically.

In fact, as I sit her writing this, my family and I are enjoying a movie night (and, yes.... I am doing a little work....a little too much play over break) "National Treasure" and some delicious popcorn.  Since January 19th is National Popcorn Day,  I want to share with you our gourmet popcorn recipe:

You can pop the corn one of two ways:  1) Use an air popper or  2) use the stove top method.

For tonight's movie, I went with the air popper (an old favorite) but I must say it is hard to beat the stove top method. 

For the stove top method, use a large pot and melt about 2 Tbs coconut oil. Carefully add the popcorn kernels to the melting oil.  Once the kernels get hot they will begin to pop, shake the pot with the lid on every few seconds.

Once your corn is ready, melt a heaping pad of butter and  pour over the fresh popped corn. Sprinkle with salt. Then, for added flavor, use one of Dean Jacob's Bread Dipping Seasoning (found at most grocery stores), and sprinkle with your favorite flavor.  The flavors are divine! Choose from Tuscany Blend, Parmesan Blend, Rosa Maria, or Sicilian Blend.  Delicious!

Since my family loves to cook, we wanted to share a few of our other favorite recipes from 2014:

Fish Taco's with Homemade Salsa


Kale and Potato Soup


Frosted Pumpkin cookies


Please share some of your favorite recipes with me.  I'd love to give them a try!