5 Fun Summer Math Activities: Don't Slide, Soar!

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Your kids have worked so hard all year!  Help them retain their knowledge so that they can soar--not slide--during summer break.

Did you know that during the typical 90-day summer vacation in the United States, children lose 2.6 months of grade level equivalency? That is astonishing!

Can you guess what area suffers most?

You guessed it! MATH.

Reading and spelling also take a dip.

Let's avoid a loss this summer by committing to doing one educational activity a day at minimum!  (Make it fun!) Are you with me?

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I don't mean to toot our own horn but, "TOOT TOOT"!

Debatably, math is the biggest concern during the summer months. Since you won't want to send your kids into orbit by (gasp) suggesting a boring worksheet, check out these online games designed to help kids practice and retain math facts.

All games are free and available for multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division.  I plan on having my kids play these fun games for just 10 minutes a day.  This short amount of time can help your child experience no loss! 

Ten minutes a day isn't too hard to find... let's face it, summer boredom is a real thing! 

I also plan to use the student management system this summer.  I will be able to monitor time spent practicing and focus on areas of strength and weakness. Again, "TOOT ,TOOT"!


Another wonderful idea over the summer:  books, books and more books! What is more fun than a reading adventure?! Pop a little popcorn, peel an orange, pour a glass of lemonade, roll out the blanket and spend some time with a good book.

There are SO many amazing books about math.  From Cindy Neuschwander's Sir Cumference books, to Jaqueline Davie's Lemonade Wars.

Check out this great list of math books to read this summer from The Tutor Coach.

Speaking of books, try this great book pairing math worksheet for another adventurous way to implement math into your summer reading. 

The Math in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Includes a FREE download to go along with the book.


The kitchen is one of my favorite places to practice and learn math from fractions to weight, ounces to pounds, the list goes on and on.

Pack a picnic and head outside for more math with your kids, make popsicles, bake a cake, build a salad, create a pizza.

You can even try these Numicon Biscuits from Here Come The Girls.

For more fun in the kitchen check out I Game Mom.


Speaking of outside, what better way to brush up on math skills than this wonderful activity from Nigeria.

This African game, Dara, incorporates math and geography andis from Creative Star Learning Company

The great outdoors provides so many opportunities to explore math.

Take a look at No Time For Flashcards for more math outdoors ideas.


Keep it fun! Remember this is summer vacation.  The last thing we want are tears, fighting and whining. 

A fun project to do over summer is Travel Math. If you are planning a vacation, have the kids help plan miles , distance between city's, budget for expenses and plan how much gas will be used, etc.  Your kids won't even know they are practicing math!  

No trip? No problem!  Start by having your kiddo pick their dream summer destination, and give them ample time to research fun things to do in the area, as well as other historical facts about that area. Next, have them discover the best way to get there,  how to develop a budget, etc. 

Have fun with this!  Try printing out a map: draw your route, visit monuments along the way, explore national parks, choose the best sightseeing spots--you name it!

That should be enough to get you started!  Here's to a happy, learning filled summer. Write in and tell me some of your ideas to SOAR this summer!