6 Dr.Seuss Math Activities

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Dr. Seuss week starts March 2nd.

Like most kids, mine love this time of year, there is no one quite like Dr.Seuss.

His literature is silly, yet inspiring; full of imagination and wonder. His books are quotable and his perspective admirable.


Dr. Seuss celebrations can make for a fun week at school with lots of activities, stories and snacks. 

If you are looking for some Dr. Seuss -inspired activities to do the week of March 2nd, check out some of our favorites we pinned to our Pinterest board dedicated to Dr. Seuss. 

Thing One and Thing Two number line  by discoveryzone.com

Swedish fish vs. Goldfish survey (I know the real winner) from toddlerapproved.com

A great activity to practice arrays or patterns brought to you by coffeecupsandcrayons.com

Graph a box of gold fish. One Fish, Two Fish Red Fish, Blue Fish with free printable from oopseydaisy.com

Cat In the Hat math activity mats with free mat printable from jdaniel4'smom.com

Fun math worksheets designed around Dr.Seuss from toristeachertips.com


For even more ideas and actives, check out seussville.com which provides a great online guide to free games and activities.

Here's hoping your week of Dr. Seuss is out of this world!