Back to School: 6 Ideas for Teachers

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How can it be? Back to School..... It's just around the corner!

And if you're anything like me, I achieved less this summer than I anticipated. I had high hopes with grandiose plans. Are there less hours in a summer day? 

The summer has flown by at break neck speed.  The stores have done away with patio furniture and swimsuits. It's sweaters and back packs folks! I mean really, it's still 100 degrees outside!

With that being said, there is plenty of time to beat the heat and head to Pinterest for some productive work time (he he) combing over mountains of ideas, bulletin boards, classroom activities, organization and how to's.

 Teachers need 6 months of Summer just for pinning!  

Check out our Pinterest page for even more ideas and resources for all things education.

We've made it easy, scoured the internet  for some fun new ideas to help kick the school year off right. 

Sit back and relax. Head to the store and buy a sweater, we've found these resources to make back to school a little easier.


     1. What better way to start the school year than with a few good books up your sleeve. It seems at any age students love to be read aloud to. 

There is nothing like a good book to create some classroom unity and quiet time.  Check out this website offering 21 read aloud books for ages K- 8. 

Books like Wonder, A Teaspoon of Courage and Officer Buckle.



​     2. The first few days of school can be intimidating and stressful for your students ( and maybe even you, dear teacher). New faces, an unfamiliar setting and being away from home can be hard!

We've created this fun classroom scavenger hunt for you to use in your classroom. Students can explore, get to know each other  and familiarize themselves with your classroom. Oh yeah, and it's free!

     3.  Team building is huge! I firmly believe that it is an important aspect to every classroom. Team building not only helps students feel comfortable in their learning environment, but it promotes learning!  

One of the best team building exercises for students (and adults) that I have participated in is the LEGO exercise. To begin the exercise, divide into matching groups of two an exact duplicate of LEGO pieces.

Have the players  sit back to back with the LEGO'S in front of them on a flat hard surface, they should not be able to see what their partner is doing.  

They must work as a team to decide what to build, how to begin and give one another directions. For example, one person might say place the white piece with two rises on top of the blue piece with four rises.

 This activity should be timed and little to no help given as students build. I guarantee lots of laughter when they compare the finished product.




     4.   In a few short weeks, teachers will be returning to their class to begin the back to school process. A big job for sure! Thank you teachers for all your hard work.

Change things up a bit this year with some new bulletin boards. For some amazing bulletin board ideas check out our Pinterest page. 

     5.  The first day of school jitters are pretty normal, and can be down right scary for both student and teacher.

 For some useful tips, check out this article by Scholastic, all about the first day of school.

Tips about planning and organizing your classroom, phone numbers to have on hand, take home packets and more. 

      6.  With back to school around the corner comes a whole new set of students to get to know.  Check out this great "get to know you" questionnaire for parents.  What a great tool to have on hand. You could even send this out before school is back in session with a welcome letter. Ask your students bring it back on the first day of school, and offer a treat to anyone who brings it with them. Get the free PDF here.

With the first day of school comes new school supplies, which can get pretty spendy! For a few  resources on school supplies on a budget check out this blog.

We wish you a happy school year!