Best Ever Paper Airplanes by Norman Schmidt

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What child doesn't love folding a fresh, crisp piece of paper into an artful masterpiece that flies!

The book Best Ever Paper Airplanes by Norman Schmidt takes you from rudimentary to skilled masterpieces page by page.  The hands on learning, following direction and the finished product-- a job well done. 

This book shows how airplanes fly. It teaches kids about lift, drag, thrust and gravity.

I love this book for a few reasons:
1) Kids learn to follow directions.
2) Teaches hand eye coordination
3)Reasoning. -Why will this fly?  -Will this fly high, low, far?
4)A creation with measurable success.
5)Airplanes for different skill levels.

Another fun thing to do with paper airplane making-- try using different types of paper, let the kids assess which worked best and why. Make a graph to track distance and weight of paper. 

Also try coloring the paper first for custom designed airplanes.

After all that work it is always fun to have races!