"The Best of Times" by Greg Tang

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What is better than a good book snuggled up with your kids?  Nothing! Unless you have a hot cup of tea and a spoonful of Trader Joes cookie butter!

I recently read "The Best of Times" by Greg Tang. A book dedicated to teaching the times tables through ryhm, poems, and colorful illustrations explaining the intuitive nature of math on a level young learners can comprehend.

For example:

"Nine is faster to compute
if at first you overshoot.
Here's a very clever tack,
do 10 times and then subtract!"

What is 9 x 7? It's ten 7's minus 7.
9x7 = (10x7) -7
= 70-7
= 63

The  illustration of panda bears playing pool go hand in hand with the written variation and a poem.  Allowing several different learning styles to inspire young mathematicians understanding of multiplication.

And truth be told I learned a thing or two. 

I would recommend this book for young learners and adults alike. If you read this book several times I am convinced you will begin to remember the poems and math facts. I would recommend this book for your classroom and homeschool library.  Happy reading and fun learning!