Great Summer Read: Naya Nuki, Shoshoni Girl Who Ran

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This is one of my all time favorite books!

The first time this book was read to me, I was in third grade.   My teacher, Mrs Sampie,  would read it to us after our lunch recess everyday
until it was finished.  We would get a nice afternoon break, laying our heads on our cool desk, listening to her lulling voice draw us in to this magnificent story!

Author Kenneth Thomasma does an incredible job telling the story of two young Shoshoni Indian girls kidnapped and forced to be part of a rival Indian tribe. One you are most likely familiar with, Sacajawea and her friend Naya Nuki are forced to walk over 1,000 miles from Montana to North Dakota. Thrown into slavery, everyday they long to go home.
The terrain is harsh and the girls determination to return home is unfailing. Against all odds they begin to prepare for a chance at escape. This story teaches perseverance, determination, hard work, and the importance of family.   
The author keeps you filled with suspense and love for the characters. You will not want to put it down.

I want to  pour out every detail and adventure to you. But I can't. You have to read this and see for yourself. 

I have 3 kids and we read it the graduating summer of third grade.  I give this book as an end of year gift to their 3rd grade teachers with hopes they will read for years to come. This happens to be that summer for my son, so off to the adventure of Naya Nuki for us! My kids love this book.   I love this book.

I can honestly look back and say this is the book that inspired  me to love to read! 

The summer is not over! Don't wait to read  this with your kids.  They will actually want to sit on the patio and read with you everyday!  Get your copy - Naya Nuki: Shoshoni Girl Who Ran

I hope you love this book as much as my kids and I do! Happy reading!