Make Your Own Valentine Origami

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So apparently I blinked and it was already Feb. 2015!  How did that happen?  Time to think about Valentines for the kids class....

My family has started a new tradition on Sunday nights.  After dinner, we clear the table and gather around to gorge ourselves on doughnuts and do an art project. It has become the highlight of our week.  

We are trying to eat better and cut out most of our sweets, so doughnut night is a big deal.  In fact,  I am pretty sure I heard one of my kids growl as the last doughnut was being lifted from the plate!!!

So with Valentine's Day fast approaching, this past Sunday we thought we should try to make cute little bunny origami Valentines to share this year.  

Let's say some were better than others, someone could get their feelings hurt if they got mine :(   Are kids suppose to laugh at their parents?

Moving right along we found an adorable origami letter wrapped in it's own envelope. PERFECT.  Add a little something sweet and voila, homemade valentines.

For this project you will need:

          1. Origami Paper

          2.  Markers, colored pencil, crayons OR make a letter online and print and glue onto your origami paper

          3. Sweet Treat.  We are going to make sugar cookies. If you'd like to do the same check out this delicious recipe

We used the Klutz Origami for directions find it here

Or watch this quick Youtube video for quick follow along directions.

Making origami is very fun, we really enjoyed our art night and all the laughs my bunny brought with it. We may have even burned the doughnut calories from all the laughter.  If you'd like more information about the history of Origami check it out here. We'd love to see some of your origami creations! 

Happy Valentines Day!