McFarland USA Movie Review

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If you have not yet seen McFarland, USA, you  simply MUST!

Disney's latest flick is a true story drama, starring Kevin Costner, Carlos Chalabi and Maria Bello.

Check out the trailer.

My family had heard good things about this movie, and knew going in it was based on an inspirational true story... but those words simply did not describe the inspiration, dedication and long suffering behind this real life journey.

Taking place in the 1980's in a small California farm town.  McFarland is a tight knit community consisting mostly of dedicated farm workers, who labor day and night to make ends meet and provide the best for their families.  

You have not known hard work until you see first hand the fight these high school boys put in just to be on the cross country track team. Starting from nothing, the McFarland team goes against the odds; racing teams with more funding, more practice, more equipment. 

We are still talking about this movie weeks after seeing it. I will never look at my fruits and veggies the same way, knowing how much labor and love has gone into the harvest.

 This story sticks with you long after you leave the theater. This must see summer movie will inspire your kids to work hard and pursue their dreams.