One Grain of Rice

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I alwaysys say the best way to tell if something is good, be it food, books or people, just ask your kids.

Well, this book passes the kid test! Beginning much like the story of Joseph and Pharaoh from the Bible storing grain for the years of famine ahead, this story builds on the needs of the people in the Indian villages and the cleverness of one girl.

The raja grants her a gift for repayment of lost rice. In return she asks, "If it pleases your highness, you may reward me in this way. Today, you give me a single grain of rice. Then, each day for thirty days you will give me double the rice you gave me the day before.."

It is so fun to watch her portions grow; your kids will be be amazed.  For older kids, this would be a great illustration of compound interest and the importance of saving money.

I would recommend this book for a wide range of ages.

I think your kids are going to be amazed how much one grain of rice can grow in just 30 days! 

Here is a fun worksheet you can do before you read the book.