Periodic Table of Elements Class Project with FREE printable

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Looking for a creative way to teach and display the  Periodic Table of Elements?

Well, look no further!

I saw this beautiful hallway of knowledge the other day, so colorfully displayed at my son's school.

So, of course I had to snap a few pics and share this adorable idea.

I don't know about you.... but this was not my favorite subject in school.

Anything added to this subjext to make it more interesting, creative and hands-on would have been a major plus for me... I may even have remembered what was on the chart!  

Depending on the number of students, divide the table into equal parts, so students may do as many as 3-6 each. 


Next, have them conduct research about each of their elements. Using the worksheet provided, students will give the symbol, atomic number it uses, draw a picture, specify its' number on the chart and find a picture of what the element looks like.

  They can be as creative and colorful as they wish.

Once the project is complete, students will present their findings and research to the class.  

Here are a few websites I found that had some good information:

         Los Alamos National Lab


The fun part is letting them hang  the elements on the wall to display, because they have to work together to hang the chart in the right order!

If you'd like to do this project with your students, here is a FREE PRINTABLE. 


We'd love to hear all bout your experience with this project and see some pictures of the final result.