The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare

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A  historical fiction classic from 1983.

Remember reading this book in third grade? I do.

The author got the idea for this book after hearing a story of a young boy who was left in the Maine wilderness for the summer and was befriended by Indians.

I recently sat down and read this with my first-grader. Wanting to be just like her big brother, she asked to read a "good book, that isn't girly."

It was as good as I remembered. Some nights I kept reading long after she had fallen asleep.

The story is of a boy from Maine and his unexpected relationship with an Indian boy named Attean and his grandfather.  The young boy, Matt, is left alone in his family's newly built log cabin while his father heads back East to gather his pregnant mother and sister.

The lives of the Indian boy and Matt intersect after a turn of unfortunate events for Matt.  A relationship is forced upon the two boys by Attean's grandfather. And an unlikely friendship is formed; each boy with life lessons to teach the other.

This is a wonderful book that is sure to capture your young readers and help spur on a life-long love of reading.

This mama says: "a must read, two thumbs up!".