Titanic Book Series by Gordan Korman with FREE Math Worksheet

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The Titanic is easily one of history's most well known triumphs and tragedies.  September 1, 2014 marks 32 years since the wreckage was discovered in 1985.  The Titanic, or RMS Titanic, as it was officially called, sank on April 15, 1912 after tragically hitting an iceberg that caused the ship to sink.

From the moment you utter the name of the glorious sea vessel, most people have a first reaction, from movie gurus to the history buffs.

In his book series Titanic, author Gordon Korman captures your interest and unfolds a tale of the ship's maiden voyage. This is a 3-part book series you will not be able to put down.  Your kids will be begging for more time to read.  Gordan Korman is one of my favorite authors for young readers.  Korman's writing is full of detail, captures their imaginations, all while leaving them wanting more. Korman intertwines the ship's historical facts with a mystery kids will love.

Of course, the subject of this series is self-explanatory, but the depth of character building is rich. You will fall in love with some characters and be afraid of others.  The story begins with two young street boys trying to survive in  Belfast, struggling to make ends meet to find their next meal. Pick pocketing is a job of sorts for these two youngsters. When picking the wrong pocket turns from riches to danger, these two boys find themselves on the Titanic.  Will love or danger be aboard?

Reading this book series will give your students a glimpse into the grandeur and magnificence of the ship, a look back into history and maybe even discovery a love for writing.

This is a great read aloud series, a great way to add some math and journaling entries for writing assignments into the mix. Enjoy this Free PDF of the Titanic Math worksheet.

Also, be sure to check out this cool website for lots of details about the Titanic.