Top Ten Blogs to Follow This Summer

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Summer is a great time to catch up on all sorts of things; reading, blogging, cleaning, gardening, organizing, traveling, sipping lattes and all things aside more time with your kids. 

If you find yourself with some extra time here are a few great blogs to dive into.  Each one will hopefully add to the fullness of your life and provide you with a nugget or two of good information.


1. A self-proclaimed science enthusiast. A mom who is passionate about the benefits of homeschooling.

I think educators of all types will like to follow along on her journey and indulge in a few of her resources.


2. If you are a teacher, than I am sure this summer you will find yourself doing a little relaxing, but mostly planning and preparing for the coming school year!

Teachers work so hard and just because school is out doesn't mean your teacher is eating bon bons and watching soap operas.

This blog will help you find useful tools for classroom organization.

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3. This is a wonderful blog for homeschool parents. It is encouraging and full of resources and tips for older homeschoolers.Even included is a calendar for math, which I think you will find very helpful.

Visit this blog written by a mom an upstate NY mom who has been homeschooling for the past 7 years. (Ok, I'll be honest. I LOVE Murder She Wrote! So this kinda hits close to home for me:)


4.  This adorable blog combines technology and the classroom. She also gives a few great ideas on how to transform your classroom setting from drab to fab!


5. Tips for providing app integration into the k-5 classroom. Including common core approved teaching standard apps.



6.  These next two blogs have nothing to do with education or math or technology.  But they are two of my favorite blogs to escape to during any spare moment. I love cooking and I am passionate about design. So give yourself a little break and check these out:

Well actually, The Pioneer Women is a homeschool mom, so I guess it is about education, you can take away a few tips and maybe even a laugh or two.

From cooking to homeschool and photography tips, this blog has a little something for everyone.


7.  This is currently my favorite blog! I LOVE it; everything about it! This woman has style to boot and she is an adoptive mom, and I heart adoptive moms. 

Grab a hot cup of coffee and find yourself getting lost in an abundance of style ideas with a fresh, clean, urban feel.


8.   You have to check out this blog about living simple. Getting down to basics and rediscovering who you really are when the hubbub of life is gone.

From Texas to Turkey you can follow the journey here.  Tips on parenting, homeschooling and living simpler.


9.  It is an amazing place, with amazing ideas! Check out this blog from San Francisco Exploritorium, called Sketchpad. The blog has ideas for projects and happenings in the Mathematics and Science world.


10.  Drum roll please..... my last and final recommendation to make your summer blog list is....

A simple "must" is all I can say about this last blog. You will be transported along the fullness of life from the eyes of a master story-teller. 

You will truly fall in love with this fun, loving, over the top, family. From educational topics, art projects and science experiments you will find ways to enrich your family and school life.  And I guarantee you will laugh and maybe even cry.

Happy reading and happy summer. Let me know if you have any favorite blog reads.