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Hi, my name is Caycee. I love the great outdoors, creating meals for my beautiful family, I love a good book, and I love being a mom (3 kiddos) and wife (to one amazing man).

I studied communications in college and have had my real estate license for the past 9 years. I look forward to blogging about all things life and how they all relate to math.

Making Colors

Posted by Caycee Coffield on September 9, 2013

A quick, hands-on, color mixing lesson for kids!

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Lunch Notes and Jokes

Posted by Caycee Coffield on August 26, 2013

A great way to show your kids you love them, notes in their lunch.

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Student Success

At Home Science Exeriments: Part 1 Refraction

Posted by Caycee Coffield on August 20, 2013

Try this for a quick and fun science experiment at home

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The Big Book of Q&A Mazes

Posted by Caycee Coffield on August 19, 2013

To complete the maze you have to know the right answer.

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Counting Back Change

Posted by Caycee Coffield on August 16, 2013

You can run, but you can't hide: learning to count back change correctly.

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