100th Day Worry Book Review

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I love to read with my kids. It is such a special time to snuggle up at bedtime with a silly book and giggle before bedtime.

One of my favorite books to read with my kids is called 100th Day Worry by Margery Cuyler. I bought it for my oldest daughter, Maddie, 12 years ago and it is still a favorite among my three kids.

It makes us laugh because we are a bunch of worriers! We worry about silly things, big things, things that could happen, things that never happen…..and great, now I am worried about how much my kids worry!

But that’s for another blog, another day.

I bought this book for Maddie when she was three. She was worried about starting preschool and I love how this book addresses how we worry about silly little things that, more times than not, always turn out alright! Although, I bought this book to address her worries, it ended up being a book as much about math as anything else. 

100th Day Worries is a book about a little girl named Jessica. Jessica worries about everything! But her biggest worry was about the 100th day of school. Jessica’s teacher Mr. Marten asks his class to each bring in a collection of 100 things to be displayed on the 100th day of school. Jessica begins to worry as her classmates bring fun and exciting collections to school and she cannot think of anything to bring. (Spoiler alert!) Her family gets to work helping her make a fun and unique collection that Mr. Marten deems really special! It is a really sweet book about how family can work together to help each other out with love and reassurance.
One of the things that the book does a great job of is expressing all the ways that a child can count to 100. Counting is a large part of the book, whether by 10’s, 20’s, or 25’s. My kids have spent hours counting the collections in the book and were all very excited when it was their own turn to bring 100th day collections to school. This year, my kindergartner Myna was so excited to bring 100 hair beads to school for her celebration. It might not have been as exciting as Jessica’s in 100th Day Worries, but we thought it was pretty special, just the same. So, head to your local bookstore or library and check out 100th Day Worries, and get to counting!
Does your school celebrate the 100th day? We would love to hear about your children's collections!