2048: A New App Game

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2048 is the newest App craze! 

2048 reminds me of a cross between the 90's game Tetris and The Rubix cube! It is a great game to squeeze in a little math fun in the car or during screen time. 

This is a great game to practice adding numbers together and problem solving! At least that is what you can tell yourself when you and your kids can't stop playing!!!!!

But, let me warn you, 2048 is highly addictive! 

Here are the directions for 2048:

Using your finger, swipe in each direction to play 2048 on your phone or iPad.The objective of the game is to get the number 2048  on a grid of 16 spaces using additions of the number two and its multiples. Two numbers will be given: usually two number twos, maybe number four. Move any direction trying to join two equal numbers. When two equal numbers are in touch, they will automatically add together. If you can not put two same numbers together, the game will automatically give another two. The game ends when there are no free spaces on the grid. 

What are some of your favorite App Games that include math? We would love to hear about them!