365 Penguins and a Fraction Activity

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365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental is a fun book for grades 1-4, and full of all sorts of math! 

On New Year's Day, a penguin arrives mysteriously in the mail on the doorstep of a family's home.  The first day, the family enjoys the little penguin but soon, problems begin to mount as one more penguin is delivered each day for the rest of the year.

Follow along as the family turns to math to calculate how to feed, care and organize 365 Penguins! 

February has only twenty-eight days. Each morning another penguin arrived. That made 31+28=??

On the fourth of August, a gleam of hope: Daddy found a new way to organize the penguins. A CUBE=6x6x6=??

When Uncle Victor arrives at the end of the year, will he have a plan for the Penguins?

This is a great book FULL of math problems and fun. 

Here is a fantastic math lesson from TKI Math to accompany this great book. And these fun Penguin Counters would be a fun math manipulative to use with 365 Penguins. 

What could be more fun than a Penguin? 365 Penguins! You can find Fromentals fun book here