6 Activities for Teaching Telling Time

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Teaching students to tell time might be a little more difficult now than it ever has been. With digital clocks and cell phones, many children may not be exposed to clocks.

But learning to tell time from a watch and a clock is still a very important skill for students to learn!

Here are 6 fun ways to help students learn to tell time from around the web:

1. Paper Plate Clock

This Paper Plate clock from Frugal Fun 4 Boys is great for tactile learners. With  2 paper plates, marker, construction paper and one fastner, your students can practice telling time with their own clock.

I love how the hands are marked clearly to help students remember which hands is for the hour and which hand is for the minute.

I also love the liftable flaps that allows students to check their work! Stick around over at Frugal Fun 4 Boys. There are SO many great ideas!

2. The Human Clock


The Human Clock from Mrs. T's Second Grade is a great activity to get your students up and moving while practicing telling time.

After creating the clock out of laminated construction paper, the students take turns being "The Clockmaster". Your students will love this activity! 

3.Flower Clock

I love this Flower Clock from Scampering Through Second. The Flower pedals remind the students the minutes in time and the stems remind students the meaning of the clock hands. 

I love how she included the days schedule below the clock to give the students meaning in telling time.

Scampering Through Second even includes a free printable of the flower pedals for your Flower Clock.

4. What Time Is It?

This is a really fun activity I found on Teaching Maddeness. Students design their own watches  and the teacher laminates them.

Then the students walk around the classroom with a recording sheet asking other students what time it is. 

I love the creative part of this activity! And students will love being mobile and interacting with one another. 

Check out this great activity at Teaching Maddeness

5. Time Is Up Game

The Time Is Up Game is from Bunting Books and Great Ideas. Head over and print The Time Is Up Game for free along with the directions. 

Students play in pairs converting digital time to time on the clock. The first person to convert on their times wins. 

Your students will love this fun game and since it's free, you will, too! 

6.  What's The Time Video

What's The Time is an adorable video from KidsTV 123. Younger students will love singing along with this video.

This would be a great way to introduce or review telling time. 

This is just a few of the amazing Telling Time activities from around the web!

What Telling Time activities do you do with your students? We would love to hear your ideas!