5 Classroom Icebreakers

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The beginning of the school year can be hard.  A whole new class of new students, a new teacher and new expectations can make students a little nervous. Helping students get to know each other is a great way to help calm their nerves. 

Icebreakers the first day of school are a fun way to start the year. Here are five fun icebreakers from around the web:

1. Name Map

This fun Name Map from Teach With Me is a fantastic icebreaker. After students complete their Name Map, they can present it to the class. This icebreaker makes a great bulletin board for your hallway! You can download this great printable here

2. Would You Rather......

"Would you rather eat a worm or go to school in your pajamas?"

Go around the room and have each student answer a Would You Rather question. Students will be laughing and getting to know each other before you know it. 

You can download a free Would You Rather from Minds in Bloom here

3. Find Someone Who.

Find Someone Who asks students to walk around the classroom and write students names into the corresponding category. No name can be used twice to ensure students are talking to many different classmates. You can read more and get this great printable of Find Someone Who from Ms. Third Grade here.

4. The M and M Game:

The M and M game is a great icebreaker and a good excuse to eat M and M's! Put the students in groups of 5. Give each student 5 M and M's. Have students tell their group 5 things about themselves according to the 5 colors of M and M's they were given. If time allows, mix up the groups and do the activity again. 

You can find this great icebreaker from She's Crafty here.

5. Toss and Talk Ball:

The Toss and Talk Ball is a great icebreaker from The Party Animal. Take a Beach Ball or Bouncy Ball and write questions or topics all over it. Toss it to the students. They have to answer the question or talk about the topic that is closest to their left thumb. This activity can be done in a circle or while they are sitting at their desks. 

You can see more about this great icebreaker here.