6 Valentine's Day Math Activities

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What better way to make math a little more exciting than to add a holiday theme?

There are so many great ways to bring Valentine's Day into your math class and here are just a few great ideas!

1. Secret Heart Multiplication Worksheet 

This is an adorable freebie from Debbie's Dabblings. 

Students solve and correct the completed multiplication problems. They then color in the correct answers red. The problems reveal a hidden heart for Valentine's Day. 

You can find this great printable here

2. Valentine's Day Bump Game

This adorable Multiplication Freebie from Fun Games 4 Learning. Students Roll 2 Dice and then multiply by 5. All you need is this adorable free printable, dice and counters. 

This is a fun interactive game for students to play in pairs while practicing multiplication.

You can find this Freebie here

3. Valentine's Day Box


I love this Valentine's Day Box idea from Fabulous Fourth Grade Froggies.

Students are asked to create a Valentine's Day Box to hold their Valentine's and must contain a number of math concepts. 

Some of the requirements include:

  • a long division problem
  • a 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication problem
  • a heart with a line of symmetry
  • 4x8 array

This is a great project that allows the students to get creative while practicing their math skills. I would love to see how these boxes turn out!

You can find the printable and instructions to this great project here.  

4. Valentine's Day Mixed Number/Improper Fraction Match

This is a great freebie from Kristin Kennedy of iTeach 1:1. 

After cutting out the hearts, students match each improper fraction with the corresponding mixed number to make a complete heart. 

You can find this adorable printable at Teachers Pay Teachers here

5. Secret Word Problem Multiplication Worksheets

These great worksheets from Multiplication.com have your students answering Multiplication problems from the ones to nines.

After the students answer all the math problems, they use the answers to figure out the secret word puzzles on each page. 

Don't forget to check out all of our other great worksheets while you are there!

6. Valentine Hearts Math Activity

This cute activity from Learning Ahoy is perfect for Valentine's Day! Using this free worksheet and a box of Candy Hearts, students practice counting, sorting, estimation and graphing. 

You can print off this great Freebie here.  

These are just a few of our favorite Math activities for Valentine's Day. Be sure and share some of your favorites with us in the comments!