7 Math Centers from Around the Web

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Math Centers are an integral part of children's education today. Long gone are the boring days of students stuck in their desks copying their math problems off the chalk board. 

Today's teachers do such a great job teaching math hands-on with colorful, fun, and content rich math centers.

Here is a list of 7 Math Centers from around the web that we think are fantastic:

1. Sort the Mail:


I absolutely love this Sort the Mail from No Time for Flashcards

This Math Center could work for many different math skills: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or even Number Recognition for younger students.

In this Math Center, students place envelopes with math problems written on them in mailboxes with corresponding answers. You can read the directions for Sort the Mail here.  (Warning: If you are a Kindergarten teacher, you will get lost for hours in this blog. You are welcome!)

2. Playing Cards Math:

Playing Card Math Center is from Debbie Diller, A Journey in Learning.  

Students look at the playing cards displayed and calculate the Range, Median and Mode. This center could be modified for many different math skill levels. Cards could be added, subtracted, multiplied, etc. 

You can find more about this great Math Center here

3. Don't Get Zapped:

Don't Get Zapped is fun Math Center from Swamp Frog First Graders that uses a game to practice math facts. Don't Get Zapped uses a Parmesan Cheese Container crafted into a Frog that holds Popsicle sticks with math problems on them. When a student answers the question correctly, they get to keep the stick. The student with the largest amount of sticks at the end of the game wins. 

This would be a fun game for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division. Students will love playing this game as a Math Center. 

You can read more about this Math Center and get tons of great First Grade ideas here

4. Stamp The Dice:

Stamp the Dice from Housing A Forest is such a fun Math Center! Students LOVE to stamp and using Dice to make number sentences is such a great idea. 

Housing A Forest also describes how you can use this same idea for number sequencing.

You can see directions on this fun Math Center here.  

5. Math Boogle:

Math Boogle from 3rd Grade Thoughts is a very versatile Math Center. Students would choose two numbers that are next to each other and then calculate the circled operation on the sign. 

You can read more about how to create Math Boogle here.

Be sure to check out her great Math Centers Bingo System while you are there!

6. Math Bean Bag Toss:

Math Bean Bag Toss is a great idea from Lighting a Fire. Students toss bean bags into buckets that have a number attached to them.

Students keep totals of their tosses on the board and then as a class put the totals into numerical order. 

You can find this great activity here

7. Popcorn Math:

Popcorn Math is from a fantastic educational blog Relief Teaching Ideas. This center is another versatile blog that could be used to practice many types of math problems. 

Students pick 3 pieces of "popcorn" to create a math problem. Then they answer the math problem on a piece of paper or white board. 

You can read more instructions on this Math Center here.

Do you have more great Math Center ideas? We would love to hear from you!