7 Thanksgiving Math Lessons and Ideas

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It is so fun for students when the holidays are brought into the classroom.

Here are 7 great ways to bring Thanksgiving into your math lessons this Fall. 

1. Pilgrim Hat Counting

This fun idea and free printable templates from Wikki Stix can be used for a variety of different math skills.

Using Wikki Stixs or pipe cleaners and beads, students can practice their counting, addition, subtraction, skip counting and other math skills. 

You can read up on this cute activity and get the free Pilgrim Hat Printables here


2. Multiplication Secret Word Puzzles

These great Thanksgiving Multiplication worksheets from Multiplication.com are a great way to get your students practicing their multiplication facts.

Students solve the math problems and then use the answers to solve the Secret Word Puzzles. 

These are just one of many FREE worksheets at Multiplication.com. You can download these great worksheets and check out the dozens of other great math worksheets here


3. Thanksgiving Number Line Worksheet

This is a great worksheet from Mrs. Jones Junction that helps students practice using a number line to add and subtract.

It has been so great to see the return of the number line in recent years! This is a fun worksheet to add a little "turkey trot" to your math class. 

You can download this cute freebie worksheet here


4. Buying Thanksgiving Dinner

This is a great activity for students to work together in groups and learn how they can use math in their daily lives.

Students work together going through grocery store flyers planning their thanksgiving meal and calculating the cost. 

You can find out more about this fun activity from Multiplication.com here


5. Multiplication Facts Color by Number 

This color by number worksheet lets students practice their 5's while getting into the Thanksgiving spirit!

You can download this Freebie at Teacher's Pay Teachers here


6. Mayflower Math 

This is a great lesson that combines Social Studies and Math. Students read an article about the Mayflower and then answer math related questions.

This is an excellent activity for 4th-6th grade students from Education.com.  You can download the activity and answer sheets here.  


7.  Turkey Fact Families

Check out Turkey Fact Families and other Turkey Math Fun at Miss Giraffe's Thanksgiving Math Stations and Activities at Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Now that we have shared our 7 great Thanksgiving Math ideas with you, we would love to hear how you bring Thanksgiving into your classroom.

We can't wait to hear your great ideas!