7x9=Trouble by Claudia Mills

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7x9=Trouble by Claudia Mills is one of the most adorable math themed chapter books my kids and I have read!

Wilson Williams is a 3rd grade student who is extremely anxious about mastering his multiplication tables. His teacher, Mrs. Porter, rewards each student when they pass all 12 Multiplication quizzes with an ice cream cone!

Wilson has so far only passed his 2's and fears that he will be the only student in the class who will never earn his ice cream cone.  Not only are all the other kids in his class learning their multiplication tables faster than Wilson is, but even his kindergarten brother Kipper is better than he is in math. 

The only thing that seems to help calm Wilson down is the class' pet hamster, Squiggles. Wilson LOVES animals but his mom is not a fan of pets. So, when Squiggles goes missing, Wilson can't concentrate on math, ice cream cones or anything else! Will Wilson ever pass all of Mrs. Porter's Math quizzes? Will Squiggles be found? Will Wilson be the only student to never get his coveted ice cream cone?

This is a great book that tackles issues like sibling rivalry, family dynamics and a common stress among 3rd graders....mastering their multiplication facts! 

Claudia Mills gives her readers endearing characters and an entertaining story line as well as fun methods for mastering their multiplication tables. 

You can find 7x9=Trouble by Claudia Mills here