Acrylic Dolphin Shade, Tint and Hues Circle Art Project

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At an art show at my daughter's school this week, I came across this beautiful project! The beautiful colorful circles shot off the pages and near or far, drew people in. Made with acrylic paints, these marine inspired art projects would be perfect to accompany any math lesson on circles, diameters, circumference and radius. 

The students would start by making a small white circle of acrylic paint on a white sheet of paper. One inch circles of acrylic paint will be made around the center white circle. Each circle will be a little darker in shading by adding more blue paint to each circle.

Have students make circles around the center circle until they reach the edge of the sheet of paper. The different tints and hues of blue will create an ocean like effect. 

Once the project is dry, tiny black dolphins or other marine life can be added by either painting them on or gluing cut outs. 

I found this project and a more detailed description from The Bees Knees Cousin here