Annika Riz, Math Whiz by Claudia Mills

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Annika Riz, Math Wiz by Claudia Mills is a great book in the "Franklin School Friends Series" to show your 7 to 10-year-olds how important math is in everyday life. 

Annika is a friendly 3rd grader who can't figure out why the rest of the students in Mrs. Molina's class do not LOVE math like she does. The daughter of a math teacher and an accountant, Annika was born to love math. She loves to spend her free time attempting to teach her dog Prime how to count and working on Sudoku puzzles.

When Annika hears there is a Sudoku contest at her local library, she gets to practicing in hopes to win the big prize: a years worth of Sudoku magazine subscriptions. Annika thinks winning the contest is a great way to show her best friends Kelsey and Izzy that math is not only useful but fun! 

However, when the school Carnival ends up on the same day as the Sudoku contest, Annika realizes that her friends are not interested at all in her contest. All they can think about is the dunking booth, winning an enormous stuffed elephant and making cookies for their cookie booth.

Can Annika get her friends to see how important math is in every day life? Will Prime ever learn to count? And most importantly, will Annika win the Sudoku contest?

Check out this cute book in the Franklin School Friends Series. You can find it here