Apple Tasting Graphing

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Mrs. Jump from Mrs. Jump's Class Blog has a fun way to help your students learn the basics of graphing this Fall! 

There first Apple Math activity allowed students get to taste test a slice of a red apple, a green apple and a yellow apple. Then they decide what their favorite color of apple is.

Each students color their own apple and put it on the Apple Tree Poster.

Students then recorded the data by filling out a graph that counts how many students in the class liked each kind of apple.

You can check out her Entire Math and Literacy Unit on Apples at Teacher's Pay Teachers here

There are SO many great books about Apples that you could use with this unit.

To add more math to your lesson Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins. 

Students count down from 10 to O Apples hanging on the tree as the farm animals eat all the apples off the tree. 

The sing song text and colorful pictures makes this a fun book to read to your class. 

You can find Ten Red Apples here

To add a literacy piece to this unit, you could use Apples A to Z by Margaret McNamara.

Students go through the Alphabet with Bear and his friends as they explore all things Apple! 

You can find Apples A to Z here