Big Hero 6

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A family movie over the Thanksgiving Break is a tradition in our family. With three kids ranging in age from 16 to 8, sometimes finding a movie everyone is excited about can be difficult.

But, Big Hero 6 was a big hit with everyone! 

Big Hero 6 is a heartwarming story of Hiro, and his older brother Tadashi who both love Robotics and Science. Tadashi is part of a revolutionary Robotics University where he is building a Medic Robot named Baymax.

After meeting Baymax, Hiro decides he too wants to attend the University to build inventions and help further science and technology.

Hiro works hard on a project in hopes of winning a scholarship to the University. Following a family tragedy, Hiro and Baymax set out to save the town from an unlikely villain. 

Big Hero 6 is a Disney movie based off Marvel Comic Characters. It has wonderful themes about family and making the right decisions. 

But, it is the STEM inspired theme that had me really excited! This movie does such a great job of encouraging kids in math and science.

It shows kids that Science, Math and Robotics can be not only cool, but fun! With funny characters and whitty dialog Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are constant themes in this movie.

6 Reasons for Teachers and Students to love Big Hero 6 by Nocking the Arrow points out the emphasis this movie makes on self directed learning and that it encourages students to think outside of the box. 

It was also encouraging to see the characters in the movie engaging in hands on learning and problem solving to tackle problems.

My family LOVED this movie! If you are curious to see if it is right for your family, check out Common Sense Media here

Have you seen Big Hero 6? I would love to hear your thoughts!