The Doorbell Rang Division Lesson Plan and Printables

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The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchen's is a fantastic book to introduce to students. The book is about a group of kids working together to make sure all the kids present get an equal amount of Ma's cookies! As more and more children arrive, the number of cookies each child recieves changes. 

The illustrations are very cute, this is a great lesson on sharing and there are so many ways this book can be used in a math lesson!

Scholastic Teacher's has an excellent Lesson Plan for 2nd Grade using this book! It includes 5 free printable worksheets for both Math and Language Arts. 

Your students can do a book report, work on Cookie Math sheets, create Cookie Manipulatives of their own to use to help solve the division problems and more!

You can find the Scholastic Teacher Lesson Plans here

For younger students, my daughter's 1st grade teacher read this book to the class and then as a group, worked out the math problems using pieces of Cookie Crisp Cereal.

You know they loved that Yummy Math Lesson!

You can purchase The Doorbell rang here or there is also a read allow version on You Tube here

Have fun!