Fish Face by Patricia Giff

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Emily Arrow is not just the best at math in her class, but she is also the fastest runner. Emily is so excited about all the fun the month of October brings to school! Halloween, Columbus Day and even her teacher's birthday! She is especially excited about the Surprise Party she is planning for her teacher, Mrs. Rooney.

But when a new girl Dawn joins their class who can run faster and steals Emily's lucky charm, Emily decides it will be the worst month, EVER! Emily and Dawn become rivals from the start.  To make matters worse, Mrs. Rooney gets sick and they have a cranky substitute,  Mrs Miller.

Will Emily get her lucky charm back? Will Dawn and Emily learn to be friends? 

Your students will enjoy this chapter book. I enjoy how the author allows her characters to make mistakes real kids make, like fighting and name calling but always shows them working out their differences. 

Fish Face is one of many great books in The Kids of Polk Street School Series.

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