Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo

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Kate DiCamillo has written another award-winning piece of children's literature in Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures. 

Flora is a 10 year old girl, cynical of both the world and people since her parent's divorce. A fan of comic books, she spends a lot of time reading a comic called Terrible Things Can Happen To You.  Flora misses her family living together and her parents being happy. And she does not enjoy living with her "romance novel writing" mother who Flora feels, doesn't really care about her. 

When Flora rescues a Squirrel from being sucked up by her neighbor's vacuum cleaner, Flora names him Ulysses and brings him home. Flora quickly learns that Ulysses can not only fly and understand what she is saying, but can also communicate with her through her mother's typewriter! Flora becomes convinced that Ulysses is not just a squirrel, but rather a Superhero! But not everyone is as happy as Flora is to have a Squirrel living in her home. 

Flora and Ulysses end up on an adventure of a lifetime to keep Ulysses safe.  Along the way, Flora meets a handful of quirky characters, such as neighbor Tootie Tickham, and her great nephew William Spiver who is convinced he is suffering from temporary blindness induced by trauma. Flora may just learn a thing or two about family and find some healing in her cynical little heart. 

Your students will love this fun adventure told in the voices of both Flora and Ulysses, the Superhero Squirrel. DiCamillo brings her own style--a fun comic book feel--to this novel. It is a great read for students Grades 3-7. There is also a fun audio version of this story that includes "Superhero style" music when Ulysses is speaking that will have your kids laughing!

You can find Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures here