Freaky Friday: Practical Jokes and Nonsense

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My husband and I have a really great group of friends in our neighborhood. Lucky for us, they all have the same crazy sense of humor we do and that makes life a lot of fun.

Practical jokes run wild. We really enjoy trying to "one-up" each other. 

My friend Keri recently made a short movie of well wishes for another friend's 40th Birthday. I taped my segment dressed as Si from Duck Dynasty. 

I am betting that at some point, eventually, this one is going to bite me in the posterior! 

I mentioned to my neighbor Katie once that I really liked her Christmas card. She responded by sending me 9 of them during the holiday season. And ended the year by sending me a 2014 Calendar made of pictures of her family. I responded by sending her a restraining order, claiming that her behavior was stalking, threatening and I had incurred physical injuries on the tips of my fingers (paper cuts) from opening so many envelopes. Never mind that it was a fake restraining order I had printed off online and signed by a Judge named Sarah Palin. I do think she got the point!

Last spring, my dear friend and fellow blogger Jen Wieber found a dead snake in her back yard. Jen's husband Brian is one of the biggest pranksters we know. Brian and my husband Rob are good friends. Brian calls my husband Sham and loves to mess with him. 

Last year during Halloween, someone was leaving weird things in our mailbox every night. Mustaches, capes, fake noses, etc. One day, when the kids were running to the mailbox to collect the days strange contents, I noticed that my new Target owl doormat was missing. I have heard of stealing pumpkins, but who steals doormats?!?! The next week, I was at lunch with some friends and I mentioned the fun things the kids were getting in the mailbox and Jen mentioned that someone had recently left her a really cute brand new owl doormat! I knew then that it was Brian leaving the weird stuff in the mailbox and he was the jerk who stole my doormat! I didn't say anything about it, and later that week, I left garbage on their front porch and stole my doormat back!

Another time last winter, my husband went outside at about 6am to warm up his car while he ate his breakfast. When he went outside, our car was gone. Rob didn't even bother calling the police, he just started walking around the neighborhood, knowing that Brian had moved it. He found his car a few blocks over, with the lights flashing, the music blaring, the windshield wipers going, the seats and mirrors all rearranged and best of all, the heater turned off and the AC on.

The morning after Jen found the snake in her garden, Brian just couldn't let a dead snake lie. He put it on my front porch, staged with its mouth propped open, "staring" at my ankle like it was breakfast!. I am terrified of snakes, so when I stepped outside to take my kids to school, believing it was alive, I screamed like mad, threw my hot coffee in the air and fell on my face trying to get away from it. As I lay there, a twisted mess with hot coffee all over my shirt, I whispered, "Wieber. Game on."

We waited it out for a bit. Thinking that Brian needed time to forget that we owed him one. Rob and I thought long and hard about how to get him back.

This Christmas, the perfect idea popped in my head! Brian was headed out of town with some buddies for a fun, guys weekend. He would never suspect we were the culprits of a prank with him being so far from home!

The morning he left, my husband and I typed up the following Craiglist Ad:

So, instead of spending the weekend relaxing with his buddies, Brian spent the weekend fielding texts and phone calls from people looking to book a little free holiday cheer! Some of them were honest calls, and some of them were people we asked to call him while we listened, laughing hysterically on the other line!

Brian is sarcastic and wise, so he figured out quickly that an ad had been posted. We knew the gig was up when my husband and I both received a text from Brian saying, "A hard rain is going to fall, Sham." But, we pulled a "classic politician" and just denied, denied, denied. To get us back, Brian says he started telling interested parties that his partner Rob handled all of the reindeer bookings and passed along our phone number. But we are calling his bluff, since we didn't get a single phone call

We felt pretty victorious. 

As far as a hard rain? We are watching our backs, being cautious, and feeling confident that when Wieber strikes, it's going to be a good one. 

But, until then, we are still high-fiving with smug looks on our faces, and possibly standing under an umbrella.