Geometric Cities

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I absolutely love this Geometric Cities Art Project. Combining geometric shapes and lines to create cities allows students to see how architecture involves math. I also love the depth it creates! 

You can have students use rulers to create the buildings or for younger students, you can always have cardboard cut outs of shapes for them to trace.   

To make these you will want to give your students the following guidelines:

1. The project needs a right angle at the center. 

2. There must be at least 5 buildings. Each building needs to be clearly labeled with a sign. 

3. Each city must include at least 6 types of shapes.

4. Each building must show at least 2 sides of the building.

5. A season of the year must be reflected in the project. 

Check out this Hunger Games inspired one........ 

I love how creative these are and how they are all so different.

Have you had your students create an Art Project using geometry? We would love to hear about it!