George's Marvelous Medicine and Free Printable Worksheet

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George's Marvelous Medicine is a classic among the Roald Dahl Collection. It will have your students laughing and begging to keep reading!

George is sick and tired of his mean and grumpy grandma ordering him around all the time. When it is time for her medicine, he decides to attempt to create a Marvelous Medicine that will take the grumpy right out of her! 

But, when the side effects of the Marvelous Medicine do much more than deal with grumpy, George decides to feed it to all kinds of farm animals. The effects on each animal are Dahl-style crazy! When George's parents get home and see the mess he has created, George and his father set out to create another pot of Marvelous Medicine! 

What will become of grandma? Will George's Marvelous Medicine solve Grandma's "grumpy" problem? 

You can find George's Marvelous Medicine here.

This book is a fantastic book to read aloud to your class and then you can have them complete this fun math activity!

Now that your students have read about George's Marvelous Medicine, they are going to create their own Marvelous Medicine!

Using the Worksheet below, students will create and name a Medicine, as well as define the ingredients and quantities of each ingredient. You can create your own Medicine as an example! Encourage your students to have fun and be creative!

You can download this free PDF worksheet here