GoNoodle: Quick and Fun Brain Breaks for Kids

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​GoNoodle is a wonderful program to use in your classroom!

It is a free on-line website that allows short brain break videos for kids throughout the day! 

Using fun characters, interactive music and fun, your students will LOVE GoNoodle! Some of the GoNoodle videos even correlate with Common Core!

There’s a short brain break activity for every part of the day. Calm the classroom, use a short song for transition time or energize your students depending on the time of day.

You can hook a computer up to an interactive whiteboard, projector, TV, or play right on your laptop. 

The students can watch the screen, dance to the music, sing along and give their brains a little break from learning.

GoNoodle boasts that using their program to give kids a small break actually improves test scores!

“Brief breaks of physical activity in the classroom can improve physical fitness and improve the brain's ability to function, resulting in improved concentration and academic performance.”

— Dr. David Katz, kid expert

You can check out GoNoodle here

Do you use GoNoodle? We would love to hear about your experience!