If You Hopped Like A Frog by David M. Schwartz

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Did you know that if you scurried like a spider, you could charge down an entire football field in just two seconds. Or if you ate like a shrew, you could devour over 700 hamburgers?

If You Hopped Like A Frog by David Schwartz, is another great book to add to your math library by the same author as How Much is A Million? 

This fun book will give your students all sorts of interesting animal facts, as well as an introduction to ratios and proportions. If You Hopped Like A Frog will have your students thinking about math like they never have before.

"Once you know that a frog can jump twenty times its body length, you can figure out how far you could hop if you hopped like a frog. when you realize a snake swallows food twice as wide as its head, you can find out what you could eat if you snacked like a snake. In fact, there is no limit to what you can figure out.....It's simply a matter of math!"   -David Schwartz

The back of the book has fantastic 12 math equations  for students to calculate.

An example:  After Schwartz writes about frogs jumping and the math involved in this activity, Schwartz asks, "How tall are you? If you could jump 20 times your body length how far could you go? Measure your height and multiply by 20 to find out." 

Older students  will enjoy the animal facts and fun math equations, while younger students will love the humor and silly illustrations. 

You can find If You Hopped Like A Frog by David Schwartz here.