Inside Out

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If you only take your kids to one movie this summer, make it Inside Out! Pixar Films has a long list of blockbusters, but Inside Out is in a league of it's own.

Inside Out is the story of the 5 Emotions that reside inside the "headquarters" of the brain of a young girl named Riley. The 5 Emotions named Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust work hard to make Riley's childhood full of happy memories. When Riley's world is turned upside down due to a move across country with her parents, the 5 Emotions struggle to keep Riley happy. Riley's previously happy childhood and family begin to change under the weight of the move, a new school and the loss of her childhood home. Joy, who tends to manage the other emotions, learns a valuable lesson about how each emotion has it's purpose and how important it is to allow Riley to feel all of her feelings, even the ones that hurt.

This film will have your whole family entertained with a mixture of both laughter and tears. With funny characters and emotions that will resonate with even the youngest in your family, this is the perfect family movie. 

This is also a fantastic film to talk with your kids about their emotions and how important it is to talk about we are feeling. It will undoubtedly change the way that you think about emotions and how to address them with your children...and yourself!  

Don't miss Inside Out this Summer!