Jurassic Park in 3D!

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I can't wait to take my big kids to see Jurassic Park this summer!!!! It has been re-released in 3D! This movie was a HUGE hit in the early 1990's based on the popular Michael Crichton novel.

I can't wait to sit with my big kids holding buckets of popcorn watching them scream and laugh while prehistoric monsters threaten to eat us!!!!!!!! In 3D! I am not usually a scary movie person, but a Park filled with cloned Dinosaurs?!?! Now, that's cool!

If you have big kids, it's a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon!

And keep an eye out for the Mathematician in Jurassic Park! 

Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum, is a Mathematician and proponent of The Chaos Theory. Dr. Malcolm is instrumental in working on the theories and computer models related to cloning, but is unaware until he arrives at Jurassic Park that the project actually happened. Dr. Malcolm makes Mathematician's look really cool!

Check out this movie this summer with your kids, or fit it into your math curriculum with your teenagers! You would be the coolest math teacher around!!!!!!