Justin Case

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When my son Jacob started 3rd grade, we found the funniest book to read together. We LOVED the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and we wanted to find something similar. This book was perfect! We would snuggle up to read together and giggle until our tummies hurt!

Justin Case: School, Drool and Other Daily Disasters by Rachel Vail is, without question, the funniest kids book we have ever read. This is a story of a lovable boy named Justin, written in diary format, who is a HUGE worrywart. Justin is so worried about starting third grade, he has gotten himself into a full blown tizzy! He obsesses about making new friends, the rope in gym class, and advanced math! To make matters worse, he has lost his favorite stuffed animal, his dog can't stand him and his little sister drives him CRAZY! 

Justin goes to great lengths to keep dreading things from happening that he creates in his imagination, often getting himself into hysterical situations. But, he over thinks things so much that he always has a plan, just in case. 

My two oldest kids and I are worriers, so we absolutely loved Justin and his nervous nature. It gave us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves right along with Justin! It was a great way to discuss how most of the things we worry about never happen and how worrying can rob us of so much energy and joy!

We were so excited this summer to see that Vail has written a second Justin Case book! Justin Case; Shells, Smells, and the Horrible Flip-Flops of Doom. 

We can't wait to dig into this next book when Justin goes to summer camp! This is such a great book to read with your children. No matter their ages, you will all get a good laugh out of Justin!!!!!!

What is the funniest book you have ever read with your kids?