The Lemonade War

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The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies is the 1st chapter book in The Lemonade War series for students grades 4th-7th.

Evan is a 4th grader in his last week of summer. Evan is mortified when he finds out his extremely intelligent younger sister Jessie is being moved up to 4th grade and will be in the same class! 

Normally Evan and Jessie have a great relationship, but this new piece of information has Evan angrier than ever at his kid sister. 

Evan decides to spend his last week of summer working on a Lemonade stand with his friend Scott, but refuses to let his sister Jessie help.

Evan and Jessie quickly find themselves in the middle of a Lemonade War to see who can make the most money! And this war has them both behaving badly! These siblings find themselves sabotaging batches of lemonade, hiding money and do anything they can to win.

The Lemonade War is the thirst quencher of chapter books, helping middle school kids understand the importance of math in every day life.  Jaqueline Davies includes math problems, charts and graphs, business plans, business terminology and definitions, using the sibling's zesty competition to draw the reader in.

This book could also be used to teach students about finances and creating a business of their own.

This story of the two siblings is funny, sweet, endearing and will keep your students interested to the very last page! 

Make sure to check out these other ideas and resources, including a teacher's guide that will make this book come alive for your students!

In a classroom setting, you could read the book out loud to your students.  Stop during the math problems, having the students answer the math problems individually or as a group.

Or if you are a parent with your kids home for the summer, you could read this book to your kids and encourage them to use the information to create their own Lemonade Stand!

Here is an excellent teacher's guide to using this book in your classroom! 

This is a wonderful chapter book and I encourage you to use it with your students! When you are done, you will want to check out the other four books in the series!

Do you have a favorite chapter book about math? If you do, I would love to hear about it!