Lunch Money by Andrew Clements

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Lunch Money by Andrew Clements is a great book for students ages 8-12 years old!

Greg Kenton had heaps of talent. He was good at baseball, and even better at soccer. He had a clear singing voice, and he also played the piano. He was a whiz at sketching and drawing, and he did well at school--reading, science, music, writing, art, math, gym, social studies-- the whole deal. But as good as he was at all these things, Greg's greatest talent had always been money. 

Greg Kenton loves to make money and when he comes up with a great idea to sell things at school, his business starts booming. After the small toys he is selling at school become a distraction to the school day, Greg begins making comic books that his classmates love. When Greg's long time rival Maura starts creating her own comic books and potentially stealing his customers, Greg comes unglued! The clash between Greg and Maura makes it's way into their Math classroom where their Math Teacher Mr Z. tries to help Greg and Maura come to a truce. 

When the Principal gets involved and forbids Greg and Maura both from selling anymore comic books on school grounds, can Greg and Maura team up together to convince the Principal that their books are encouraging students to read and creativity at school? Can Mr. Z use math to help the School Committee see that student entrepreneurs are great for the school? 

Check out Lunch Money by Andrew Clements here!