Math-terpieces by Greg Tang

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Math-terpieces by Greg Tang and Illustrated by Greg Paprocki.

Math-terpieces is another great book in a series of math books by Greg Tang.

Math-terpieces combines math, poetry and art history to ask children to solve math problems creatively.

Each page features a classic work of art by artists like Monet, Van Gogh and Warhol.

Poetic language asks the children to count in groups, in many different ways!

I loved this book because, like all of Tang's books, I could read it with my kindergartner and my 5th grader.

While both my kids would come up with the same answer, they each had a different way of finding the answers based on their own math skill level.

But, Math-terpieces was also a fun way to introduce my children to art history!

Each page also points out what type of art the artist was depicting, such as impressionism, cubism, pop art, etc.

Tang includes a key at the back of the book that discusses all of the different solutions to each problem, and a description of the many types of art shown.

Greg Tang has a very fun and playful way of exploring math concepts for children!

You can check out many of his books at your local library or purchase them at your local bookstore.