The Math Wiz by Betsy Duffey

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The Math Wiz by Betsy Duffey is a cute chapter book for students ages 7-10. 

Marty Malone is new 3rd grader at his school and although he excels at Math, P.E. seems to consume his day! Marty is not very good at sports and is always being chosen last to be on a team in P.E. His P.E. teacher, Coach McMillian doesn't seem to understand that students are all good at different things. Marty dreams that being good at math would get the same attention at his school as being good at sports. 

Marty decides that he is going to tackle his "P.E. Problem" the same way that he tackles difficult math problems. 

Math Wiz + P.E. = Misery

What can Marty add or subtract from this equation to come up with a different answer? His teacher Mrs. Williams has some great advice!

Students will enjoy this book as Marty tackles a common theme for this age group, insecurity and trying to fit in. It is also a great reminder for schools to make sure their students are all celebrated for their gifts and talents. 

You can find The Math Wiz by Betsy Duffy here. Be sure to check out other award winning books by this Author!